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Practitioner Registration

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Practitioner details

Practitioner details are used for processing patient samples and producing reports.

2. Verification

Upon your registration, our team will promptly review your application and contact you if any further clarification is needed. – This may take up to two business days.

3. Accessing the Mediscan Application

  1. Navigate to the Mediscan portal:
  • Use your web browser to go to the Mediscan backend, which can be found via the button marked below.
  1. Enter Your Login Details:
  • Use the credentials provided to you to log in.
  • Mediscan

4. Ordering a Test

  1. Find the “Purchase A Report” Form: – This form is crucial for initiating any test
  • Purchase report
  1. Fill in Patient Details:
  • Accurately enter all required information about the patient.
  1. Recommended by My Practitioner: – Look for this option and make sure it’s selected. Then, insert your clinic name.
  • Note: Don’t worry about getting the name exact. If it’s close, the system will infer it later.

5. Collecting the Sample

  • Guidance on Sample Collection: The email will include step-by-step instructions on how to properly collect the hair sample required for the test.
  • Tip: Encourage the patient to read through the instructions thoroughly to ensure the sample is collected correctly. Any mistakes could prevent the test from being processed quickly.
  • Receipt Number: Each email comes with a unique receipt number, which needs to be included when mailing the sample back. – See below
  • FAQ:
  • What happens if the receipt number is missing from the sample or incorrect?
  • Without the correct number, the sample cannot be matched to the order, causing delays in the processing.

6. Receiving and Accessing Results

  • Via Email: Your clinic’s designated email address will receive a comprehensive report containing the test results.
  • Mediscan Application: Additionally, you can log into the Mediscan backend to review not just the latest report but all previous tests for your patients.
      • How-to: Simply sign in to the Mediscan application and navigate to the “Patients” section to find a list of your existing patients.

      • Patient Profile Viewing: While in a specific patient’s profile, you have the option to access all their historical tests.

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  • Comprehensive Testing: Access a wide array of diagnostic tests in one place.
  • Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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